I am the NRA

Behind steel reinforced doors in a concrete bunker deep in the bowels of a stately compound in rural Virginia, men conspire to seek the ruination of America. Smoky backrooms are filled with Washington politicians, eagerly awaiting their turn at the dole, kissing the ring and doing the bidding of their masters. All who enter bow at the altar of the gun, and the evil clergy of this sinister church of gun worship, the NRA, sermonize to their congressional congregation – thy will be done.

What a bunch of baloney. Do you really believe this nonsense?

Yet, this is what gun-grabbing liberal media elitists and anti-gun activists want you to believe. And oath breaking politicians are all too eager to go along for the ride. Why not? What counts is getting elected; not the constitution, the truth or their constituents safety.

Here is an earth-shaking revelation: The National Rifle Association is comprised of dues paying members; that is to say – regular people, doing regular jobs, every regular day. There is no evil cabal locked away anywhere, celebrating mass slaughter. The idea is simply ridiculous.

The NRA’s lobbying efforts are a direct result of dues paying members concerns about their constitutional right to keep and bear arms; a right under constant assault by progressive anti-gun ideologues. Let me reiterate that one more time – a right, not a privilege. And as stated in the highest law of the land, it shall not be infringed.

The NRA is also responsible for the framework and foundation of our military and law enforcement firearm training programs. They were also the first to introduce formal gun safety education programs like the Eddie Eagle Gunsafe Program, to keep guns out of children’s hands. The Training and Education division is filled with thousands of citizen instructors who are committed to teaching the safe handling, usage and responsible ownership of firearms.

But that doesn’t stop politicians from whipping up a frenzy, spreading false information and fanning the flames of fear in the aftermath of a tragedy to suit their own agenda.

Which is to get re-elected of course. Blame is always assigned to an inanimate object or a faceless evil empire, not the actor who committed the crime. Inanimate objects can be banned and regulated, fixing moral depravity isn’t as easy.

Ask yourself this question. Why, during President Barack Obama’s term in the White House, when the very same gun grabbers had a super majority, controlling both houses of Congress, did they not ram through any of these very same types of ill-conceived anti-gun legislation? Did children’s lives not matter as much then? Of course that’s ridiculous, but you still didn’t answer the question.

Here’s a possible answer; the majority of Americans respect the law and understand evil people will find a way to commit violence by any means necessary, if that is what their heart is set to do. Most Americans respect the entire Bill of Rights, not just the ones they are most passionate about. The majority of Americans respect rule of law, not mob rule fueled by emotion.

And millions of those Americans are NRA members.

Your dentist is an NRA member. So is your mechanic. Your elementary school teachers are NRA members and so is the guy who fixes your boiler. Your airline pilot, package delivery driver, favorite actor, restaurant chef, school bus driver, nurse, doctor and the woman who planned your wedding are all NRA.

The African-American man, Asian woman, Caucasian homosexual and Puerto Rican heterosexual are all NRA.

I am the NRA.

So if you really want to debate guns, let’s debate guns. Let’s debate facts. Let’s talk about Gun Free School Zones and creating a safe space for violent attackers. Let’s talk about the complete failure of the FBI in following up on reported threats. Sure, we have a lot to talk about.

Smearing millions of everyday, hard-working Americans, some of which are your next door neighbors and coworkers, isn’t going to get you anywhere. More so, it is shameful.

As the former Democrat political operative, Clinton administration spokesman and current ABC network pundit George Stephanopoulos said, “Let me make one small vote for the NRA. They’re good citizens. They call their congressmen. They write. They vote. They contribute…”

Well said George. I should have just quoted you right up front.

John Floyd

About John Floyd

John is a freelance writer and lives in northeast Maine. His background includes work as a hunting and fishing guide, certified firearms instructor and as a United States Army Non-commissioned Officer. He covers outdoors topics and the politics and policies that affect traditional, rural lifestyle. He can be reached at john@tuckerridge.me or on Facebook @writerjohnfloyd