John’s interest in public and government policy directly relate to his time in military service and the necessary attention to current affairs that comes with it. He also became keenly aware of how issues debated and policy implemented at all levels of government affected Americans at a visceral level, especially those in the rural working class.

He realized that conservatism was his natural philosophy as someone who has sworn an oath to protect and defend the constitution of the United States of America from all enemies, foreign or domestic – that includes pundits and oath breaking politicians.

Never shy about making a stand for what he believes in, John explores contemporary societal and political issues and their effect on the moral fabric of America. He says what is on people’s minds, but what they are afraid to say themselves.

John swears fealty to no political party, instead believing core principles such as values, honor, integrity and duty should guide policy for our collective future.

Hopefully, “The Right Way” will be your guide through the maze of distortion and double speak so common in America today.